The opportunity in a virgin and embryonic market,
but decentralized, supranational and uniformly adopted globally

How an ICO works

Simplifying by analogy with financial markets, ICO is a process similar to stock exchange listing.
In this new supranational financial system, with the ICO you create a new cryptocurrency (coin) that has a purpose and a value similar to the stock market.

The principle is simple

You have a great project looking for lenders. Then you create a new coin in a fixed quantity, decide the emission value and offer it on the global market. Those who believe in your project can finance its development by buying your coin, and if the company grows in the future, the value of the coin also increases and generates capital gains for the investors.

The application is complex

We work in a new avant-garde international legislative context, fragmented and with a different direction (permissive or repressive) for each country. In addition, there are very serious cryptocurrencies sponsored by large global digital players, but also many inconsistent projects that have failed or have even turned out to be a scam.


Market positioning is fundamental.
Geography, marketing and communication are distinctive elements today.

What we can do for you

Help you understand if ICO is the most suitable financing solution for your idea.
Help you in product development with consultancy, development and project management services

Methods of Emission

Advise in choosing the most suitable technology for your needs, market analysis targeted to quantifying and evaluating the coins to be issued, timing evaluation based on market conditions.

Market Positioning

Study of the communication strategy, enhancement of the link with the blockchain and of the distinctive elements of the project compared to the competitors, planning of the marketing operations related to the launch.

International regulations

Advice on the status of cryptocurrency and IEO regulations at international level, and consequent strategic choice of tax residence according to the location of target market and potential investors.

KYC and AML requirements

Requirements of KYC procedures for the identification of investors for anti-money laundering purposes, evaluation of the interaction between the choice of the target market and the territorial restrictions in place on potential investors.

Listing in the exchanges

Situation of the market of Exchanges, evaluation of the most appropriate platforms in proportion to the budget and to the estimated trade volume, listing request.

The right contacts

If you want to proceed on your own, once we have understood and analyzed your project, we will provide to you the contacts of the most suitable interlocutors you need.

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